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Precision Process - Solar, flex circuits

Excellite FSP

A New Dimension for Flexible Substrate Plating Technology

State of the art plating results are possible with the Excellite FSP System!

Blind micro-via and through-via filling is now a production possibility due to well matched equipment and processes in the Excellite FSP system.

excellite FSP 

Ever increasing demands for HDI production processes call for innovative, future-oriented solutions. The Excellite FSP is a roll to roll, continuous strip, electroplating and wet processing system designed principally for flex circuits, RFID, and solar cells while having a variety of other electronics and metal finishing applications. The Excellite FSP is uniquely capable of handling delicate materials without handling damage frequently resulting from alternative designs. Systems have been successfully installed at major US-based electronics firms.

Main benefits for the end user:

  • Best throw in blind micro-vias
  • Controlled plating thickness - at hole edges and in the hole
  • Highest current densities atainable
  • Compatibility with ultra-thin base copper
  • Production proven with ultra-thin foils
  • Highest process reliability
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Capable for BMV and through-hole filling
  • No down time for anode maintenance
  • Fully adjustable current shields
  • Auto strip-width adjustability
  • Constant anode conditions

A Full Range of Major Technical Advantages

  • Fully adjustable anode/cathode distance/shields
  • Combination of inert DSA insoluble segmented anodes
  • Contact systems that won’t plate up
  • Low maintenance coupled with high reliability
  • Uniform plating thickness on the surface, in the holes and in blind-vias
  • Ultra-fine line capability
  • Uniform surface thickness

Plating Uniformity

The Excellite FSP is a production proven technology. Due to the unique contact design, combined with the close proximity segmented anodes, the uniformity is unsurpassed in the industry.

Blind Micro-Via Capability

Plating solution flooding and solution-flow with a unique volume pressure characteristic are incorporated into the Plating cells.

Surface Topography

The anodes are segmented to enable best surface distribution also with thin copper conducting layer.

The Excellite FSP with segmented anodes enables copper plating thickness ensuring ± 5 % surface distribution with copper conducting layer.

Via Filling

The Excellite FSP system is production proven for BMV filling. Additional to this through via filling can now be achieved. Combination of inert anode and soluble anodes for low maintenance and high productivity.

Production Advantages

  • Low consumption of organic additives
  • Low organic bath loading
  • Extended electrolyte life cycle
  • Extended anode lifetime
  • No surface defects caused by oxygen bubbles
  • No oxygen bubbles in blind micro vias