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Edge Guiders

Whether it’s a spare part for your existing WTI system or you need a custom web guide for your new application, Precision Process can assist you with your WTI Web Guide needs. WTI Web Guides and components are used in a variety of applications: Business Forms Press, Commercial Offset & Rotogravure Printing, Package Printing and Flexible Packaging, as well as Custom Designed Web Guiding Systems.

A WTI Web Guide will maintain the alignment accuracy of your substrate into your manufacturing process thereby increasing production and reducing waste. An electronic feedback system monitors and corrects edge position 4 times faster than pneumatic systems. Accuracy improves from ±015" to ±003" or better. Maintenance decreases in the absence of fluids, filters, etc.

Custom Designed Web Guide Applications:

  • For dual direction processes on all types of substrates (as shown)
  • Steering roller guiding systems (single roll) for conveyors, belts, textiles, non-wovens, etc.
  • Tire rubber guiding applications
  • Static-chasing guiding systems for aligning two webs together
  • Shifting stands to replace existing pneumatic/hydraulic controls
  • Retrofit packages of existing pneumatic/hydraulic or electronic web guides
  • Steel, copper and aluminum strip guiding systems
  • Non-woven guiding applications

Commercial Offset and Rotogravure Printing Features:

  • Systems designed for all wide web applications
  • Web guide widths from 38" to 140"
  • Web guide speeds up to 3000 FPM
  • Web Guide Systems incorporate sturdy, steel framework construction
  • Larger diameter rollers with air relief grooves
  • Heavy duty fast responding actuators
  • "All electronic" systems available for installation in explosion-proof hazardous environments
  • Optimal automatic set-up of sensors available at operator console
  • EGS-3 Control

Business Form Press Features:

  • Designs available for all model business forms or commercial offset web presses
  • Available for web widths 12" to 60"
  • For all forms grade paper with operation at a medium tension range
  • Available as standard for most OEM presses

Package Printing and Flexible Packaging Features:

  • Web widths from 12" to 80"
  • Systems available for Tyvek, Kraft Paper, Paperboard, Board / Foil Laminations and corrugated applications
    • Designed for high tension applications
    • Incorporate high torque actuators
    • Larger Diameter ball screws
    • Heavy duty bearings and rollers
  • Systems available for high-density and low-density films, foil, laminations, coating applications, etc.
    • Designed for lighter tensions
    • Incorporate anti-friction roller bearings

EGS-2 or 2T Control Module Features:

  • EGS - 2T controls are available to guide both opaque and transparent materials
  • Systems available for installation in explosion - proof hazardous environments
  • Centerline resolving available for films, tube stock materials, and other webs which may vary in width.
  • Heavy duty metal enclosure
  • Lighted push button panel with auto-lock, manual and servo center
  • Precise meters for quick sensor set-up
  • EGS-2T controls for opaque or transparent materials
  • Plug in logic and driver boards for quick change
  • 115V or 220 V power retirement
  • Stroke limit alarm with auxiliary output

Electromotive Drive Features:

  • Totally enclosed AC or DC gear motor direct coupled to recirculating ball screw for zero compliance actuation
  • Correction speed of 1.125 IPS maximum (Proportional to error)
  • Available strokes: 1.5", 3", 4", 6", 12" (total)
  • Electronic servo centering

IR-2 Infrared Edge Sensors Features:

  • Combine one or two for edge guiding, alternate edge or centerline guiding
  • Pulse modulated LED sensor in optimum light range
  • 1" field of view
  • Installed filters guarantee suppression of ambient light
  • Available gaps 0.625", 1.1875", 2", 3", 6"
  • Optional air purged available for extreme dust environments

Smart Box Remote Station Features:

  • Accurate remote side lay adjustment at delivery end
  • Lighted pushbutton mode select at delivery end
  • Allows immediate corrections upon operator inspection of finished product
  • Increased efficiency & productivity
  • Less waste