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Precision Process - Software and Controls

Control Software

Software Controls

Precision Process provides exceptional control systems for a variety of wet process equipment, including:  reel to reel, roll to roll, wide web, coil lines, automatic rack and barrel plating lines, anodizing lines, phosphating and black oxide systems, etching and cleaning systems.

PPE's experienced team of engineers provide unique equipment solutions, while our chemical process engineering staff helps optimize process parameters.

Control system software available from Precision Process

  • MaxRacks
  • Automotion 8000
  • FlextimeTM (3rd party software by GPR Wet Process Systems)


MaxRacks: Determine your maximum throughput

MaxRacks is an accelerated simulation program for determining the maximum throughput of a pick-and-place (hoist or crane based) wet process system. MaxRacks evaluates the dwell time in each station and the time required for the hoist(s) to transfer loads. You can adjust these parameters to find the optimum system setup.  


Automotion 8000

Automotion 8000 provides general purpose as well as industry and machine-specific interfaces for plating, anodizing, phosphating and other similar wet processing equipment.

Automotion 8000 is a 32-bit software application designed to harness the full power of Windows™.  This system controls and monitors automatic hoist systems (rack and barrel processing), reel to reel (R2R) electroplating lines processing stampings, connectors, etc.), wide web electroplating systems (coil, strip material), and wire cleaning/electroplating lines.



FlextimeTM is a 3rd party software control system offered by GPR Wet Process Group.  It is a Windows-based, object orientated package configuring for any work cell with a combination of reconfigurable, debugged objects that automatically link to each other, HMI, and Database functions with no programming.  To accommodate customizing Flextime to meet the customer’s always unique required personalities, Flextime has high level scripting.

Features and Reporting Tools Available with Both Automotion 8000 and FlextimeTM


  • Historical trending
  • Batch reporting
  • Event logging
  • Third party SPC compatibility
  • Open database formats (Access, SQL Server, Oracle, ODBC)
  • Parts database
  • Recipe database
  • Customization options for the end user
  • Microsoft Windows platform compatibility
  • Network support
  • Service and support from a remote location

Download the Automotion Suite fact sheet to learn more about the features of Precision Process's Automotion 8000 Software.