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Precision Process - Software and Controls

Control System Software for Machining Processes

Software ControlsPrecision Process provides exceptional control systems for a variety of wet processes including: waste treatment, reel to reel, roll to roll, wide web, automatic rack and barrel plating lines, material handling, and assembly automation.

Precision Process’s experienced team of electrical engineers and electronics technicians provide the best design and equipment solutions available in control systems. Chemical and mechanical engineering staff can help you optimize process parameters.

Examples include:
  • Control systems for drive systems
  • Control systems for wet process and plating systems that comply with all NEC and NFPA codes
  • Control systems that include PLC and HMI programming
Other services include:
  • Upgrading/retro-fitting existing machines and processes with reliable data collection and control systems software that can sense: temperature, flow, pH, pressure, speed, torque, acceleration/deceleration, levels, amperage, voltage, ORP, and more.
  • Providing control systems software that provides logic systems for complete pneumatic control of pressure, flow, and valving.
Control system software available from Precision Process

Precision Process provides options for control system software. These include:
  • MaxRacks
  • Automotion Suite
MaxRacks: Determine your maximum throughput

MaxRacks is an accelerated simulation program for determining the maximum throughput of a pick-and-place wet process system. Precision Process's MaxRacks evaluates the soak time for each station and the time required for the hoist(s) to transfer loads. You can adjust these parameters to find the optimum system setup.

The simulation is done in three steps:
  • Enumerating the stations
  • Selecting the number of hoists and setting their speed capabilities
  • Assigning the racks and/or barrels a sequence to follow along with soak time, priority, and drip time
Automotion Suite: Interfacing with the machine

The Automotion Suite provides general purpose as well as industry and machine-specific interfaces for electroplating and wet processing equipment.

Precision Process's Automotion Suite is a 32-bit software application designed to harness the full power of Windows™. The Suite is compatible with nearly all versions of Windows, including 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP. This system controls and monitors automatic hoist systems (rack and barrel processing), reel to reel (R2R) electroplating lines (stampings, connectors, etc.), wide web electroplating systems (coil, strip material), and wire cleaning/electroplating lines.

Automated wet process control systems can be configured with built-in touch screen controls mounted directly on the machining equipment. Monitors can be mounted to the machine frame, or mounted to swivel-type arms for easy viewing.

Remote consoles are available, to house the computer and monitor. Consoles may be configured as "stands", typically located adjacent to load/unload areas. Or, they may include a complete table with printer stand and work area for report studying and other paperwork.

Machine-specific interfaces include: hoist, reel to reel (R2R), high-speed wire, wide web process (roll to roll), and manual wet benches.

Robust reporting tools for your electroplating processes include:
  • Historical trending
  • Batch reporting
  • Event logging
  • Third party SPC compatibility
  • Open database formats (Access, SQL Server, Oracle, ODBC)
  • Control systems
Control systems include:
  • PLC or PC control
  • OPC Interface
  • Allen-Bradley, Omron, Mitsubishi, Siemens, etc.
  • Motion control: 2-3 axis robots and hoists
  • Random-loading, dynamic hoist scheduler
  • HMI integrated or stand-alone
  • PC version and PLC version of hoist scheduler
  • Simulator
  • Custom software screens for industry and business specific needs
  • Process control
  • HMIs
  • Native Windows or FactoryTalk versionf of HMI
  • OPC servers for select rectifier, instrumentation, and I/O manufacturers
  • Historical Trending
  • SPC
Other features include
  • Parts database
  • Recipe database
  • Customization options for the end user
  • Microsoft Windows platform compatibility
  • Network support
  • Service and support from a remote location
Download the Automotion Suite fact sheet to learn more about the features of Precision Process's Automotion Suite Software.